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J. P. Gilliver (John)

On Wed, 20 May 2020 at 15:25:45, Charles Dobie <cdobie@...> wrote:

The blackflies drove me back into the house. Good excuse for not stacking firewood :-)

OK, I took a deep breath and reviewed what's been going on. And, reading your previous email I realized I had made a basic error -- I hadn't installed ps2pdf995.exe, so did so. And strangely enough, it worked!
Excellent news!
I guess my only remaining question is how to append the name index .pdf file to the main listing .pdf file. I'll read back through the message thread and may find the answer there, but I'm sure you'll let me know.
Yes, you'll need a PDF splicer. This thread has mentioned several: I like the look (and age!) of PDFTools that I mentioned; PDF split and merge that someone mentioned looks like it'll do it too; and I saw there's a free PDF toolkit on the PDF995 site too. They'll probably all do the job.

I presume you now see why we like the PDF filetype (it's more or less fixed layout/pagination). [Also, in the case of BK, the only way to keep chart output other than actually printing it (you can set a huge paper size rather than having to use BK's tiling method).]
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