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Charles Dobie

John, thanks for your response.

Yes, I downloaded the ghostscript converter at the same time as pdf995, but when I print a file, it asks me every time if I want the second part, and every time I click OK.
I entered the full path/file name into the "save as" dialogue, but for some reason the file doesn't appear there. I'm sure it's a typing error on my part. On the other hand, the fact that it can't ever find the second part is strange.

Anyway, I've got to get off my butt and go outside to enjoy the sunny weather, and offer my body as a sacrifice to the swarms of blackflies :-)

Chas. Dobie.

At 12:41 PM 2020-05-20, you wrote:
On Wed, 20 May 2020 at 12:12:47, Charles Dobie <cdobie@...> wrote:
Hi folks -- I was encouraged by the latest thread about pdf995, so I installed it and tested it (Windows 10). I tried printing a test descendant list, but I have no idea what's going on here.

When I "print", it works away at it and then tells me it needs the second part, so I click OK on that, and it works away at it again. I
If you didn't download (and do something with) the ghostscript converter when you downloaded the pdf995 driver (it's directly below it on the download page), then the first time you try to "print" to pdf995, it will tell you there's something missing, and offer to fetch it. (It's a while since I did this, so I can't remember exactly what happens next; IIRR, it looks after it _reasonably_ well.)

Most of the PDF "printers" are two-part in this manner; the reason is that they need the ghostscript converter, but that is released under a licence which does not allow it to be incorporated into something else. Given that both are free, I don't really mind a little fiddling at this point - it only has to be done once.

get two windows asking me to save a pdf file, both with the same name, buried away in the documents folder on my C: drive. I save both of
It can be a little slow at that point; wait a few tens of seconds and it _usually_ settles down. You can change where it creates the file (and change its name); IIRR, it defaults to the location you choose this time, the next time you use it, though that can again be changed (i. e. it always defaults to the previous location).

them. For a while that file appears in Windows Explorer but with a size
Give it time (-:.

of 0 bytes. Then it just disappears. And strangely, pdf995 doesn't appear in the list of installed programs in the Start Menu.
That's because it installs as if it was a printer driver; your other (real) printer drivers won't appear listed there, either. (Though if you just installed from the CD that came with your printer, accepting the defaults, there _will_ be something there with the name of your printer manufacturers on it, as by default, as well as loading the necessary drivers, they usually install some unnecessary, bloated, and not very good software at the same time.)

Question, aside from "what's going on here?" is, "doesn't pdf995 give you an option of where to save the .pdf file?"
Yes; it's like the normal save, load, etc. dialog box, in which you can go up and down folders/drives, make new folder, change filename, and so on. If that's not what you're seeing, I'm not sure what's going wrong.
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