Problem with using pdf995

Charles Dobie

Hi folks -- I was encouraged by the latest thread about pdf995, so I installed it and tested it (Windows 10). I tried printing a test descendant list, but I have no idea what's going on here.

When I "print", it works away at it and then tells me it needs the second part, so I click OK on that, and it works away at it again. I get two windows asking me to save a pdf file, both with the same name, buried away in the documents folder on my C: drive. I save both of them. For a while that file appears in Windows Explorer but with a size of 0 bytes. Then it just disappears. And strangely, pdf995 doesn't appear in the list of installed programs in the Start Menu.

Question, aside from "what's going on here?" is, "doesn't pdf995 give you an option of where to save the .pdf file?"

I'm assuming there's something basic I'm missing here.


Charles Dobie,

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