Re: Missing Files

Jim Dell


Have you restore BK data from the external drive or are you trying to use it directly off the external drive?



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Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 9:25 AM
Subject: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Missing Files


I had a drive failure & had to replace my desktop computer.  I had BK backed up, via the BK backup routine, on an ext. drive.  Installing, on the new computer, the BK program "data" seemed to proceed OK, but the "pictures" & "media" themselves didn't copy.  The file names copied ok but the pictures & media itself didn't.  Clicking on the file name on the original drive produces the pictures & media ok.   

The prog. is 7.4, the backup file is E:/BK BKUP 2019-08-06, pictures are either jpg or tif & media is pdf. The problem with the pictures, etc, is the only problem I've discovered with the xfer.   Any help?

John Cullom

Westminster, MD, USA

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