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J. P. Gilliver (John)

On Sun, 17 May 2020 at 01:07:58, Jeff Dixon via <> wrote:
Since I plan to give this report to a print shop to generate my books,
and most likely the print shop will use Word, I have decided to create
the book in Word on my wife's old (slow) computer.   Besides the
FWIW, I wouldn't give it to them in _any_ wordprocessor format, where there's any chance of formatting/pagination going wrong - I'd use PDF. There are plenty of free PDF generators, that mostly act like a phantom printer - you go to print, select them as a "printer", and instead of paper coming out somewhere, you get asked for a filename. (Apologies if you knew this.) I use pdf995 (which works fine on XP and 7); there are plenty of others, such as CuteFTP. More recent versions of Word/Office (I don't know from which one, though) include one, though personally I'd rather not use a Microsoft one in case it does something non-standard.

Descendant report, the book will have pages of photos and family
stories (about 150 pages).  I create this every 5 years for my maternal
grandparent's descendants.   I can't see paying $100 a year for
software I only use once every 5 years.  (BK is such a bargain).
Indeed! And almost certainly better supported too!
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