Re: Indented Report index in LibreOffice

Jim Dell


Does your index look like this



Kimberly Lynn, 7

Truman, 7


Annabella Victoria, 8

Brian Joseph, 7, 8

Debbie Ann, 8

Harold M., 7

Kevin Vincent, 7, 8

Molly Kristen, 7, 8

Terry J., 7


This is from Word 2019.


Or like this from LibreOffice

AdkinsKimberly Lynn 7

AdkinsTruman  7

AndersonAnnabella Victoria 8

AndersonBrian Joseph 6, 8

AndersonDebbie Ann  7

AndersonHarold M.  6

AndersonKevin Vincent 6, 8

AndersonMolly Kristen 6, 8

AndersonTerry J.

Two problems with the LibreOffice one

  1. No space between surname & given
  2. Double spacing





From: <> On Behalf Of Gilles Paquette
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: [BrothersKeeperGenealogy] Indented Report index in LibreOffice


Hi again,

Sorry, since I use the French (Quebec) version, I didn't see that line Create 2 part index (last name on separate line).  It IS checked in my case and it works OK.

To Jim, i'll try to translate from French what I use in LO to create the index.  Once the RTF file is opened in LO, go to the end of your document and hit Ctrl-Enter to create a new page where your index will start.  Then go to Insert, then Index and Tables.  In the new window, choose the second option Index and tables.  In the larger window, choose the second Type: Lexical index[?].  Before you hit the OK button, if you want to eventually edit manually your index, uncheck the box to protect from manual modification.

Hope my translation is OK and helps.

Gilles Paquette

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