Re: [BK] Re: A suggestion regarding spouse order.


In one site I was recently on (familysearch maybe?) one could select “preferred spouse” if desired. My great grandma had her first child under unknown circumstances. Possibly a ‘unwanted’ union, she was 18 and the man was 35... in 1910. My great grandfather gave the baby his name and he was raised in the family with this bio father stuff never even known until their marriage date gave it away years later. When this man who fathered the child was discovered on the death certificate I put him in, and then designated adoptive father to my great grandpa, but I think I’m going to take the man out of my file and put him in the notes, as he defaults as the first “husband” and it always throws me off. I guess I’m being selfish wanting certain spouses that are *my* ancestors to be the default, but it’s my file, so there! LOL :)

TL;DR: I wouldn’t mind being able to choose a default or preferred spouse :)

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