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Meeting 13 September, 2022 7:00PM Mountain Time

The summer has come and gone, the weather should be a bit better. It will
be pretty cold at night and getting colder. As a general rule the
early fall is a good set of clear and stable nights.

This month, we will host John Briggs, a astronomer and astronomer
historian. His program about the Lyceum down in Magdalena NM changes
with the collection. One recent addition was the AAVSO book collection.
These books retain the knowledge of their day. Knowledge that shaped
how theories were framed and the observing campaigns that tested that
world view. The Lyceum itself is a collection of some of the instruments
designed to support those observations. New discoveries caused ideas,
recorded in new books and propelled even newer instruments for new
data yet. Memory of the past stages of this dynamic process of science
is a rewarding study all in itself.

Join us in Zoom -- 7:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) 01:00 UT.
Here is the Zoom invitation:

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Dedicated to the interests of space enthusiasts & observers in the Boulder Colorado, USA area.  It is our goal to provide common ground for Boulder’s amateur, professional, and academic communities to share their enthusiasm about the universe around us.

Founded in 2004, the Boulder Astronomy & Space Society is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Colorado. The Society’s purpose is to provide a common point for amateur astronomers, children, academics, and professionals alike to educate each other and the general public in astronomy and the space sciences.

President  Wayne Green
Vice President  Leslie Yakubowski
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Treasurer Stan Jarrett
Webmaster Victor Perez

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