Wednesday 5/18 - Rikud Revi'i at Brookline VFW

Sara Timoner

Dear Wednesday Israeli Dancers,

We're excited to dance with you TONIGHT, Wednesday May 18th!  Dancing tonight will be at the Stephan F Rutledge VFW in Brookline. $5 admission (students $3). Early partners at 7:30; regular session from 8:00 - 10:30 pm; and late partners from 10:30 - 11:00 pm.  

Tonight we have 3 simultaneous celebrations!!! Lag Ba'Omer, and Katie and Sara's birthday's! Aylat Lifshitz will be our Community Programmer.  We will be teaching a new circle dance from Yad Beyad, Tzipor Zahav by Michael Barzelai.

A reminder of our COVID policies:
Masks are now optional, but proof of vaccination is still required! Boosters are required for anyone whose last shot was more than 6 months ago. Please stay home if you don’t feel well or have tested positive for COVID.

Looking forward to dancing together tonight!
The Rikud Revi’i team