PriceSmart during Quarantine

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Yes, it's possible!! 

Pricesmart will prepare an order for pickup. If you do this, you don't have to wait outside to get in. There is a dedicated cash register for orders, so no waiting in line to chec out 

You can call in your order: Yes, they speak English. 




•Making your list: here's some tips: 
On the website type the name of your item in the search box. 
Using the manufacturer name works best.  
The employee collecting your items is just a kid, a new hire. He is not familiar with 70% of the items available. Only the most popular. If your list is too long he will get frustrated and either skip items or substitute for something close at hand, that you don't really want.
•For the best results, order only the most popular items that are on your list. That will get you in the door. Once you're inside, tell them there are a few more things you need. They will let you roam the store and collect all those specialty deli items. Its not crowded, so it doesn't take much time,  Then use the dedicated cash register when you are ready

•Call before you leave to make sure they received the email and they inow what time you're coming. Call the day before if you are coming early in the morning. Yes, they speak English.

•The Checkpoint will be spraying cars and checking IDs to determine your free hours.   If you are outside your assigned hours you may have your car and drivers license taken.

Hope this helps!