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Are you a blind person searching for alternative ways to earn income? Whether you want to bank a few extra bucks a month, quit your 9-to-5, or make enough money to kiss Social Security goodbye… Blind Employment Solutions is for you.
This community is designed to facilitate innovative strategies for reaching employment success. Advocating for yourself, self-employment, accountability, and taking action are essential elements of this think tank.
We encourage members to exchange income ideas, discuss employment frustrations, provide support, and celebrate successes. The biggest takeaway? Join the group if you’re a problem solver.
Idle complaints aren’t allowed here. Mentioning a challenge with the intent to find solutions is what this community is all about.
Let’s be clear. This is not a social platform for friends or dating network for the blind. If that’s what you’re looking for, we suggest you go join such groups.
House Rules
#1 Be Respectful
We’re all adults here. Use common sense. If you know something is offensive, don’t do it.
Taunting, bullying, and offensive language won’t be tolerated. If you violate the rules, you’ll get one warning. After that, you’ll be kicked out.
Bottom line…
Don’t be a bone head.
#2 No Promotions are Allowed
We’re here to provide you with up-to-date trends, tips, and tools for controlling your employment destiny in the digital era.
Unless we specifically designate a promotion date, all promotions are strictly prohibited.
#3 Don’t Treat This Like a Dating Site or Social Lounge
This isn’t a personal social group. Our community is optimized for serious professionals seeking a deeper understanding of self-employment and other employment alternatives.

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