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A new home for our old favorite, The Bleuette Sewing Club. Created for fans of Bleuette, her La Semaine de Suzette patterns, and ready-made G-L wardrobe.
Welcome to fans of Rosette, Bambino, Benjamine, Loulotte, and Becassine, too.

Our Challenge for May 1st until June 15th is G-L "Tyrolienne" and LSDS "Robe de Fete" and "Guimpe de Bleuette." A knit and a crochet skirt are included. 
Challenge information and patterns are in Files.  See: BSC May 2018 Challenge.  Your host is Martha.

BSC Motto: "Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others belong to you as well." Voltaire

Martha Nichols, Owner/Moderator
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