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Welcome to Bits Of This and That!  We want to be a happy place where all members can come and share whatever they have or have found.  We do ask those of you who can remember to use the subject line to tell us what you are sharing.
If you don't remember oh well, just know one of the owners won't remember either, no big deal.  We are G - SAC with no nudity please, there are young ones around and old eyes that we don't want to make have a stroke (roflmao)  ok I'll try and behave.  If you find something that makes you happy share it, things that make you laugh, or a graphic that is just too much for words share it.  As long as what your doing is peaceful and makes you happy!  We do maintain a no lurking zone. ALL MEMBERS SHOULD BE SHARING AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.   If you are not sharing then you are not participating with the group.  Saying thank you or requesting a tag is not considered sharing.


2. New members must share within 3 days of joining.
3. All members must share at least once a week.  Its not fair to those members who do share if everyone is not participating.  Why should only a few work at sending shares?
4. Anyone not following the rules will be removed unless you have given the owners notice and put on Special Notice.

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