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This group is about scientific magnet therapy and its various simple and advanced protocols.   We welcome all questions, resources and personal experience that pertain to magnets and any kind of supporting supplementation or additional protocols that can help a condition. In working together, we have learned a lot and look forward to learning and sharing more. Best of health.

To learn about how the Science of Biomagnetism can increase vitality and wellness or help overcome many simple and complex medical conditions, please take a look at the Research and Health condtions at BiomagScience.Net . Clinical testing shows how the increase of cellular voltage (vitality) and a complete change into a healthy blood terrain can dramatically improve within an hour of correct energy supplementation. See how free radical sites heal within an hour - something never seen before..

With  four decades of Worldwide research, application and development, BiomagScience provides the information and advanced therapies of what the science of Biomagnetism can do in helping the body rapidly overcome most painful, acute and chronic conditions. White Papers, clinical analysis, notable cases, alphabetical index of condtions and their therapies along with important FAQs about Biomagnetism are available on the site.

Basically, daily energy supplementation and energized, structured Bio-Negative water provides the body with a large amount of energy which supports the normal function of health, greater vitality and a longerlife.

There are numerous FAQs and papaers on the home page below the videos and graphic slider about how Biomagnetism helps the body overcome painful, acute and chronic conditions. 

Most people look up their health condtion on the menu to see what others have accomplished.

If after reading the material, you do not know which kit to order, go to "Which Biomagnet Kit to Order - Quick Reference Guide" and it will help you get the proper therapy kit and supplementation where necessary. If you have questions, you can always call Biomagscience consultation line 215-862-6777 between 10-3 Monday  through Thursday.

BiomagScience and practitioners worldwide recommend the Wellness Kit for anyone who wants to  provide their family with the best first-aid, pain relief, advanced therapies, and health support to help overcome most health issues and to increase their family's vitality and wellness with daily supplemental energy.

The Wellness Kit contains the 2nd edition of the award winning “Conquering Pain” therapy book with 250 pages of advanced therapies and specific step-by-step protocols for over 180 health conditions that will guide you exactly what to do. The Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide shows advanced therapies and their exact placement. The kit comes with liquid oxygen fort external or internal needs, a set of Water Jar Energizers for a lifetime of Bio-Negative Structured water benefits, and 12 certified medical Super Biomagnets in 3 sizes required to do the simple and complex therapies for over 180 A-Z medical condtions such as Carpal, Fibro, CFS, MS, Type 2 diabetes, Lupus, or helping people out of comas; regenerate nerves and joints; rapid healing of crushed and splintered bones, etc.. 

There are also smaller kits for pain relief, advanced circuit therapy kits for the back, elbow ,carpal, knee, shoulder, hip, EMF and the Organ Group Energizing therapy for systemic energizing and balancing along with 3 key important supplements to support healing.

For everyone's benefit, products are always 20% off if you use the discount code 20%mtt (case sensitive) when checking out. (Cannot be used with other discount codes.)

In closing, daily energy supplementation provides the body with a large amount of energy which supports pain relief,  greater vitality, normal function, and better health and… don’t forget to drink your Bio-Negative Energized Water.

Best of Health
Peter Kulish, Founder, BiomagScience

Biomagnets: It is important to note that Biomagnets should be procured with care. BiomagScience Certfied Medical Biomagnets are properly marked so there is no confusion about their use. This is extremely important because some magnet companies sell health magnets with the wrong (opposite) marking which can be very dangerous for your health – it produces a positive acid inflammatory reaction if used incorrectly. BiomagScience Biomagnets come with lifetime protective plastic cases. Raw or chrome or gold metal coated neodymium magnets break explosively into particles when suddenly attracted to another magnet - this is extremely dangerous to the eyes - can require going to the doctor to have the particles removed. BiomagScience  Biomagnets also have one side with raised letters so they can be applied out of sight by simply feeling the proper side helping to ensure correct placement.

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