Peter F Model

Bewegungskrieg v3.x is an expanded version of the merged Bewegungskrieg Rules with optional rules and with reorganised rules order. This forum is for discussion.

Peter F Model

Welcome all. I did not expect so many new members so i just wish to warn you it will be a while before i can put together additional game aids, such as cheat sheets, army lists and equipment list, much less any optional rules. My primary focus right now is corps commander, but once i complete that i will come back to these rules. So please do not expect much material for a while.

One aspect i am experimenting is training videos to assist new player learning the rules. I have done a number of English language videos for corps commander and they seem to work reasonably well. I will probably do a set of German ones as well, but i do not expect anyone here to be interested in that. If i get good feedback from the corp commander community i will do a set for these rules as well.

The feedback i have received is my earlier rewrites of rules were too long and complex, this was due to me trying to make them serve the duel purpose of both rules and training guides. This has not worked so i am back to the, keep the rules short, strategy and will use example guides and training videos' to overcome the steep learning curve issue of most micro-armour rules. When i do this i will post on this site.