Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I have made some minor additions to the rules to accommodate my army lists. In my army lists i have include headquarters company troops, which represent signal, guards, command staff, etc. They are all armed and during wwii, on the eastern front, they were often involved in defending their headquarters, but are otherwise not intended to fight in a front line position. Players can choose to simply ignore them, assuming they can never take part in any combat. If player decide to include them i am assuming they are grade 1 infantry which must always remain attached their their headquarters.
I have also made some additions concerning aircraft and helicopters, such as assuming each aircraft or helicopter element/figure represents 15 aircraft/helicopters. I have also added an option rule, when aircraft or helicopters spin a "1" and are removed, they may come back the next day with a 1 step loss (as per any other element). After 3 losses, they are removed permanently. This only has an effect if playing a multi-day game. Unlike the original rules the points value for the aircraft or helicopters is for the entire game, which would at least cover 2 days. Players can halve the cost and pay for this for each day of play, as per the original rules, if they wish.
Aircraft availability is rather interesting, for example, the US had about 12 squadrons available to support their ground forces (each squadron would represent 1  aircraft)  for their entire corp. Perhaps 3-6 divisions, the higher total once the reforger stuff was activated. This means a division would expect to have an average of about 2-4 aircraft each in a game?. Perhaps more accurately from 1 to 6 aircraft each.
The army lists goes into aircraft type. As per the original rules there is no difference between aircraft type. This level of detail has only been included to cater for future enhancements. This may affect points, as the points used are based on a much more detailed set of rules, thus a F-15 has a higher points value than a F-4. But as long as players select what was historically available, game balance should be retained.

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