Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

While working on my "Example" training document for the original rules i discovered a number of typo's in my reformatted version of the rules. The errors were all related to the numbering and have been corrected. I have also marked all duplicated rules in "red". In my reformatted version of the rules i have created a number of charts and tables from the original rules. While these do not represent any changes to the original LWRS, they represents additional text in the rules and have been indicated with dark red print. This will not show up if you print in B/W. Players can verify if my duplicated rules are correct if they view the pdf, most commonly using an ipad - or similar. I find having a pdf version of any rules on an ipad is very useful as its possible to search the rules quickly during a game. You can do this with the original LWRS pdf rules as well.

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