Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I have posted my first version of an equipment data charts for LWRS/Bewegungskrieg. As indicated earlier I will be creating a full set of equipment, army lists, scenarios and training material for the original rules before i venture into any modifications.  
The equipment data charts are based on a universal set of equipment data charts for a number of different rules, such as Corps Commander. As a result some entries may not make much sense, such as multiple entries for vehicles which underwent updates for feature not reflected in the rules. I have broken up the lists into 7 periods, each a decade. This starts from the 1950's and ends at 2015. I am certain i will have to go back and do some modifications, buts i have tried to to keep Extreme weapons (Grade 4) to a very small number of vehicle, more for Grade 3 and a lot more for Grade 1 and 2.
I suspect when i do some modifications i may need to create a create a special Very Light grade, as grouping M3 HT's with rather heavily armed MICV may be not realistic. Players may class really low armour values as Soft if they wish.
While not part of the game, i have indicated spaces and other advanced armour features with a "s" and "c". The rules build some of this into the basic mechanics, but in many cases the rules do not cater for these unique armour features. Players may decide to made a Grade 3 armour with "c" a Grade 4 instead. However this makes the vehicle more resistant to "AP" round than expected, so beware. The same applies with guns. a "h" indicates a HEAT round, which should be affected by spaced or chogham armour - players can experiment by reducing a guns grade by 1 if HEAT facing Spaced and two if HEAT facing Chogham.
These lists only cover modern, so all scales are 1 cm = 200 m. For aa i have listed the actual range, but players can use the ranges in the rules if they wish instead.

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