Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I was asked where the rules are located on this site, so in case anyone else has a similar question, select the "Files" option on the left. You will see two folders, Bewegungskrieg v1.2 and Bewegungskrieg v3.1. Strangely enough the most current version is v1.2 (more on that later). If you select that folder you will see the pdf copy of the rules.

Why v1.2, after spending effort in creating a set of full detailed rules which would allow players to easily learn the game, I discovered my latest version, v3.1, was not suitable for the actual playing of a game. I discovered the same with my updates of Corps Commander and Korps Commander. I have decided the best course of action is to go back to basics.

Coupled with this I was unhappy with a number of the modifications I placed into v3.1. I had major issues with army lists. Because vehicles values changed with the period being played, I ended up have a very complex points system. Thus a PzKfw IVG could have two values, depending if it was late war or mid war period. While manageable with WWII, this became totally unmanageable with modern period. As a result I put in mods into the rules to avoid this, which ended up causing more problems than it solved.  The other problem was the actual strengths of the elements, in the real world different nations had vastly different element sizes. To cater for this I expanded the 3 step, you are eliminated rules in the original game to cater for cater for elements of between 1 step to 5 steps. While there was no game mechanics affected, it made the game more difficult to play because you had to remember how many steps exist in each element. As a result I also returned back to basic concerning the rules themselves.

 Bewegungskrieg v1.2 is the original rules, reformatted, and with any unclear rules clarified. My issue with learning the game will be resolved by the creation of an Examples document, which is where all examples and diagrams are contained. Players who want to learn the rules can use this document to do so. I did the same with my rewrite of Corps Commander / Korps Commander and it is working well. Experiences players use the “core” rules (mostly 3 column format to keep the size small) and when a question comes up they can refer to the examples document. I also created a set of utube video’s providing detailed training for anyone who wished to learn CC/KC. I will do the same with Bewegungskrieg (LWRS). That should solve the “How to learn the rules issue”.

As for army lists, I am currently working on an expanded set of army lists for the modern period, initially for Corps Commander, but once complete my spread sheet will allow for a Bewegungskrieg (LWRS) version as well. While working on this I have devised how to deal with the changing values by period issue. Each vehicle will be given a DEF and a FE value, based on Corps Commander and FFT. This will be a number from 0 to 20. Soft targets will have a DEF value of Soft. Depending on the period being played the values to obtain an L, M, H or X value will be listed, so for WWII a Pzkfw IV G with a DEF of 6 may be Medium in mid war and Light in late war. Players will need to increase the points total for a later period game, compared with an early period, but that can also be listed in the scenario details. As for my variable company size army list issue, I am going to rework all my army lists so they are battalion based. (Got the idea from FFT). A Battalion will have a list of vehicles, artillery or infantry, with a step value against each of them. Thus value is divided by three, to give you the number of elements. Left over steps will result in an element with a corresponding loss. Thus a Battalion with 10 steps of PzKfz IVG will result in 4 elements, with two losses counted against the battalion for that element type.

I still have an issue with mixed battalions, especially with heavy weapons companies. But for now I will need to live with that. When I start creating updated version of Bewegungskrieg, v2+, I will deal with that. My current thoughts are to use the Panzer Korps System – but this will depend on play testing. I would not expect many changes, only areas which I consider an annoying issue.

So, once I have updated my modern period equipment lists and army lists I will be posting those on this web site. They will be fully compatible with the original LWRS v3.1, as well as Bewegungskrieg v1.2 (which should be identical). I will throw in a few basic scenarios. This will take a while as I am first creating a universal equipment lists and army lists, which can be used to output equipment lists and army lists for a number of rules. This initially will be for Corps Commander/Korps Commander, then for Bewegungskrieg and later for FFT and Spearhead. Doing it this way means there is more up-front work, but it becomes easier to create army lists, equipment lists and scenarios for any set of rules at the back end.

Now, why did I keep Bewegungskrieg v3.1 on this site, mainly because this document, which containing a lot of modifications, also contains lots of diagrams and examples. Once I create my Examples and training videos for Bewegungskrieg v1.2 this will be removed.

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