Re: Bewegungskrieg Scenarios

Peter F Model

I have updated my scenario pdf to include a 1 line row version of the equipment data chart, which only lists LWRS specifications. Its designed to be printed on a colour printer, double sides mounted and covered in plastic, to provide a single sheet equipment cheat sheet - similar to the sheets in spearhead. Players can choose version o the equipment data chart is the easiest to use.
Note on grades. I have broken up all equipment into years, looked at all available equipment in that year and broken it up into light, medium, heavy and extreme. If players disagree they can modify as they see fit. The expanded equipment data sheets contains a DEF value which is equal to frontal armour in 10mm, and a Gun value which represents its maximum penetration capacity, in mm. You can use that to modify my findings, but the points values should factor any errors away regardless.

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