Bewegungskrieg Scenarios

Peter F Model

I have posted a new scenario using a new format. I developed this originally for Gene McCoy Wargamer’s Digest-WW2Rules and then converted them to Korps Commander and expended them. I am now in the process of converting them into Bewegungskrieg (and LWRS) format. I am still attempting to determine the optimal player chart format and players will need to calculate their own supply point’s total. I found them very usable for the other rules so I hope they will be useful for Bewegungskrieg (and LWRS). Just a note, Bewegungskrieg v2.x is the same as LWRS, just using a different format and adding some optional rules. Players can simply use the original LWRS rules with these scenarios if they wish.
The objective is to create a scenario document which contains cheats sheets which allows players to quickly assemble a force and play the game. As a result only the equipment found in the highest level formation (example Polish infantry division) is included. These can be printed (in A4) and covered in plastic to act as a player cheat sheet. I have included a number of example playing areas, but players will need to customise their own playing area based on the basic guidelines provided. The problem with being too proscriptive is players may not be able to create a playing area easily. As all gamers want to make sure the playing area looks as photogenic as possible, fudging terrain is not a good option.  
While I have provided detailed scenario forces, I have also included the entire division (or brigades) which the forces are based on. This allows players to customise their forces. The army lists also include optional equipment, although the cheat sheets do not include these.  My army lists are based on the most common equipment, so a player may need to do some manual work to include any favourite rare equipment. I may add optional equipment in later version, as there is a lot of room, but if the list of equipment gets too long it gets harder to find information.
For those players who want to totally re-customise their forces I will be posting a force builder spread sheet, which can allow players to quickly create a force mix based on a finite points limit. I will also create as video showing players how to use it. You can see a version designed for another set of rules here, 
The way you use it is identical its just you need to select the correct data set, which I will explain in the Bewegungskrieg (and LWRS) version.
Final point. The scenarios are designed for my v3.0 rules, so the cheat sheets will contain a lot of unnecessary data. I have emphasized the LWRS data so you can easily see it. I originally created a cut-down LWRS only cheat sheet but I found it harder to find info. I think its because the rows were only one line. It seems easier when the rows consist of two lines. I may add the one line row LWRS version in an update as there is plenty of room.
Once I have used this in a few games and I have fine-tuned it, I will start doing other periods.

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