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Peter F Model

I have posted Bewegungskrieg v1.3. This has all the optional rules removed and is identical to the original rules, just reformatted, rules converted into charts and tables and any obvious error or omissions corrected or filled. I have completed some scenarios for another set of rules, gene mcoys Wargamers digest WW2 rules and will be converting them to LWRS. These are Summer-Autumn 1939 and Summer 1944. BeforeĀ  do that i am just doing some house cleaning, such as posting an original unmodified version of Bewungskrieg and correcting some typo's in Bewungskrieg v2.2. I will be looking at adding some mod's to this, which will be v3.0, to assist me with scenarios. I can going to use vehicle DEF and Fire Effectivness Values instead of the LIGHT, MEDIUM, etc system. You will just need to cross reference the firer FE with defenders DEF to arrive at the number of dice to throw. I am also incorporating all the other combinations of firers and targets so instead of trying to work out how many dice to throw by going through all the rules related to this, you just go to one table. The scenarios will include vehicle values for each vehicle used in the scenario, so looking up the values will be simple. It was looking up values which was the main issue with DEF & FE values, if the scenarios contain all that detail in easy to use cheat sheets that issue should be resolved. Anyway, playtesting will prove of disprove my theory.

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