Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I have posted my Part 7: Scenarios pdf file. This covered summer 1944, initially only the eastern front. I will add US and UK army lists for west front conflicts in the future, right now i need to test the scenario first. It based on my cold war scenario, which i have already posted and is based on lessons learned from that. I have converted the divisions into standard 3 step elements, my experience with the cold war scenario is having 1-2 step elements provided too confusing, especially for artillery. I have tried to keep the points total the same, but all elements are 3 steps as per the standard rules. Players can look at the raw army lists and can do their own conversions. I have noticed some unusual points values so i will research this in more detail, but it should not affect the scenarios too much. Anyway, i will find out soon enough.

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