Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I have posted the "Part 3: Equipment Data Chart" pdf file on the IO group. I am basing the values on a combination of FFT and KC equipment values and I have noticed a few odd results, which I have manually corrected. I suspect I will need to drill down into this to make sure no "silly" results occur. 
Players are free to change the values if they feel its wrong, but each time you do so the points system loses a bit of accuracy. I don't think this is a major issue and should still result in a fun game, but I have noticed, as I refight the same battle, my tactics (and my opponent’s tactics) are getting a lot more refined and the games are getting a lot tighter. I am still getting a lot of variation of results, but nowhere as great as the early battles. In summary, as you become more skilful the points systems becomes more important.

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