Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

II have posted my first version of my wwii army lists. I have not completed all the commentary and the commentary I have completed required additional editing. The basic army lists have been edited, but from experience I need to start using it to create scenarios in order to make sure I have not added any errors into it. If something looks strange players can cross check it with army lists on the internet, or my army TO&E document? My brain has reached its limit on this topic, so I will be now focusing on scenarios. I will need to come back and edit and clean it up, but not right now. 
How to use the army lists. The army lists should be used to create scenarios; they are too complex in order to allow players to create ad-hoc forces for games. Some work needs to be done before hand to create the forces and then do the element conversions. Remember, the lists provided a total number of steps; players will need to convert these into reasonable 3 step elements, as per the standard rules. This is not complex, but its time consuming – which is why I need to create scenarios. From personal experience you need to be able to setup a game in less than 60 minutes otherwise you are wasting too much time. You can only do that if you have pre-setup the playing area (document it at least) and the elements you need. These days I pack an attacking forces and a defending force in a single box and only transport that.
My next project is working on another set of rules, as I am on the road again and need a project I can conduct in a hotel room. But once I am back I plan on doing a bit of reorganising. I have been asked to create a reformatted set of rules without any optional rules. (v1.x) This is for players who want to play the original rules – pure and simple and who do not wish to be confused with any extra modifiers or rules they are not familiar with. I will include errata, or what I think is an error or typo, but the rules will be as close to original as possible. The only change is the format. I will then move my current version of the rules, which include optional rules, into a different version number (v2.x). I will then create a v3.x, which embeds the optional rules in it and adds one more optional rule I have been thinking about. I will create a 2 column and 3 column version of this version. I currently use this system for my Corps Commander and Korps Commander rules and people seem to like this type of breakdown. 
The optional rule I am thinking of is for supporting troops. I have been going over Panzer korps these days and I am impressed with the way they deal with supporting troops in a battalion. These supporting elements add capabilities to the core elements in the battalion, so an A/T company in battalion would add some a/t capacity for each of the 3 elements in a battalion, rather than become an independent element. I never liked the HW element, as this became some sort of super element in a battalion. It also meant you have to keep track of different element types in a battalion. Using this support troops rule all the core elements in a battalion remain the same, the support element can be placed in the rear and can represent 1 step loss, which must be initially taken (some exceptions) if a loss is suffered. I need to play test this a bit, but I think it may simplify the game while adding some flexibility.

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