Re: Supporting Material

Peter F Model

My first document is completed. This shows equipment introduction dates production figures and probable end of service date. The purpose to is give players and idea of what equipment may be available at a particular point in time. I am using this for my army lists so i can include the most likely vehicle/weapon and reasonable optional vehicles/weapons. For weapons which were produced in very small numbers, player will need to manually include them if they wish to use them. The army lists are focused on the weapons which are likely to be found. Obviously, for any historical scenario the actual, if know, equipment will be included. I hope to complete the TOE and finally the army lists in the next few weeks. It has proven harder than i originally expected.
Caveat: I need to do more editing, so i am certain you will find errors in the descriptive text. I was not originally going to include any text, but in order to make it a more interesting document i have decided to include descriptive text.

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