Supporting Material

Peter F Model

I am still working through my army lists and its a struggle, I may not have the 1st edition out this year but should do so in January. Very cold weather has an upside, it keeps me indoor typing. To assist me i had previously created army lists (for the TO&E yahoo group) and an equipment availability document to assist me. The current format is ugly and is available on the TO&E yahoo group, but I am updating them and cleaning them up. The main reason is to make sure i get all the various changes in TO&E correct and in order to assist me in determining what type of equipment would typically be available in each period. The cleaning up was to make it easier for me to read (my own documents). I have no doubt there are errors and i may have used suspect sources, but its reasonable correct and usable to assist in creating army lists. People may be interested in these. I have posted my current work in progress documents in this IOgroup and when its complete i will let everyone know. I have based the format on the excellent UNIT ORGANIZATIONS of WWII by David Myers.
After i have completed this i may do one for the cold war, but that is a large job which i suspect will be well in the future. After i complete the army lists i need toc reate scenarios, which takes a lot of play testing.

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