Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

After a number of games i have found a number of errors and poor design and organization issue with Bewegungskrieg, which i have corrected. The cheat sheet should be easier to use, the supply rules have been further clarified in the rules and scenarios document and i have added my "editors notes" section. The examples document was accordingly updated and i made a minor change to the game-turn charts. I have added a counter sheet pdf file which contains counters which should assist with play. I plan on posting some photos from one of the games on the LWRS site. The basic structure of my basic scenario seems to work with LWRS, although it took me a while to work out how to give the attackers a chance to achieve victory, which is why i did a deep dive on the supply rules and added a number of clarifications and corrected what i am pretty certain was a typo in the original rules. I suspect it was left over from an earlier version of the rules and never updated.

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