Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

I have made a minor correction to the rules and cheat sheet. Case [15.2.2]. Page 24, under "Actions". 1st paragraph, has always been a source of confusion. It can be read two ways, the x2 and x3 modifiers are either exclusive or inclusive - or you only get the x3 modifier if on a road and further than 30 cm from the enemy at all times, or you get it if you are more than 30 cm away from enemy at all times and if you are also on the road you get an additional x2. My previous version took the conservative approach, mutually exclusive, however this means artillery move much slower than any other troop type on roads. Based on Case [8.4], where normal troops get x2 for roads and x3 for manoeuvre stance, with a maximum of x6 allowed, i have decided the artillery movement modifiers must also be inclusive. This allows them to move reasonably fast, or 6 x 6 cm = 36 cm on road and 30 cm or further from enemy troops.

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