Re: Bewegungskrieg v1.2 Updates

Peter F Model

My first version of a Army Lists has been created and posted. I am not 100% happy as attempting to ram the complexity of real life into the current game system has proved to be more difficult than i original though. What i have provided is a list of actual equipment within each combat unit, along with steps (remember, each element has 3 steps). Players can easily divide the steps into elements, but they will also notice combat units end up with a lot of 1-2 step elements. The rules mechanics allows this, but it is a bit messy. I have suggested player merge these "steps" into full strength elements where it makes sense. This means players will need to perform this each time they create an army, which is unfortunate. I could of done this in the lists, but i think it best if each player does this based on their own knowledge of an army. I also plan on enhancing the rules in the future which allow me to use these 1-2 step elements - perhaps as per panzer korps. The only other comment is i am only focusing on 1980 to 1989. I wanted to cover other periods, but it ended up being too much work at this stage. I want to now use these lists to create scenario's first. If i find any problems i can modify the list accordingly. Once i am happy i can then expand out to other periods, such as 1950-1970's cold war, or Arab-Israel wars.

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