York River State Park: UPDATE for the open observing session, Saturday 22 October

Troy Riedel

The YRSP open observing session now looks doubtful. The ECMWF (Euro model) has the coastal low developing about 12-hours sooner than initially anticipated. The GFS is more favorable for the first half of Saturday Night. 


The CSC forecasts poor transparency at sunset and a complete overcast by 9 - 10 PM. The weather system will be coming in from the south with poor astronomical conditions moving from the coast to inland. I live ~ 5-miles from YRSP so what I see out of my window will be local to YRSP – and the final go/no go will be posted NLT 3:30 PM on Saturday.

It's possible we could look at moving the session to next Saturday Night, 29 Oct ... more details to follow after we see what happens over the next 24-36 hours with this session.