Why observe the moon?

Ted Forte

As part of a virtual Earth Day celebration at Kartchner Caverns State Park in Benson, AZ, Rik Hill (formerly of Lunar and Planetary Lab, Catalina Sky Survey) has recorded a talk on lunar observing.  It is about a half hour  and worth watching:




As Rik puts it, “the first 18 seconds are garbage” ( there are some  open mic preliminaries) but its professional after that!  Please watch.


The female voice is my friend and Rik’s wife, Dolores Hill, who is a meteorite specialist at the UArizona Lunar and Planetary Lab and ran the OSIRIS REx ambassador program.  She also chairs the “Target NEO’s” program for the Astronomical League and runs the “Target Asteroid Observing Campaign”.  Dolores  kindly bailed us out when the park’s virtual event coordinator kept dropping the ball on getting this talk recorded.  My thanks go out to both of them.  (Coordinating astronomy events at Kartchner is one of my many “hobby job” positions).


Rik will be repeating this talk for the Astronomical Society of Long Island next week. 



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