Mars this morning


Was up at 2:30 to take in Mars as we had a clear sky for the first time in a week. Temperature was 78 with 87 percent humidity but it felt much cooler in the breeze. I have attached a planet simulator view from NASA as a picture is worth a thousand words. This was definitely the view in good seeing and transparency.

Mars is riding quite high in the sky this year as it approaches opposition in October. It is quite easy to observe now, aside from the early hour. Did I say it was nice to be retired? At 234X. Using a Mars type 2 filter from Televue (now discontinued) the view matched the attachment. Too bad these filters are no longer available as they really do help the planet's appearance. The disc is easily large enough to spot whatever detail the seeing allows.

This is the last good opposition in the coming decade so take advantage of it while you can.