Kent's Telescope For Sale

Kent Blackwell

I'll bet that caught your eye. No, the 25" is not up for sale (yet).
I do have the following. The mirror has a fine figure, and the scope
is in very good condition. It's about 5 years old. I've included
current prices as a reference. The package price is $375.

8" f/6 Dobsonian (white tube) ($449 for the current model, plus $50

7.5mm & 26mm eyepieces

6x30 Orion finder on twin ring mount. This is far better than on the
new Orion 8" Dobs. Those finders are single ring-mounts which often
get out of alignment.

Orion Reflex Finder (currently sells for $35)

Orion Collimating Eyepiece (currently sells for $35)

Cover (currently sell for $40)

Kent Blackwell