Jupiter watch tonight.

George Reynolds

I got home from church by 8:30 pm, in time to see the start of the Io shadow transit of Jupiter.  One gets to know the real meaning of "moments of good seeing" when staring at Jupiter for more than an hour.  At times the tiny spot of a shadow was very clear, and at other times, the whole planet looked fuzzy.

It was cool watching the whole shadow transit, especially when the little moon Io emerged from Jupiter's brightness. It at first looked like a pimple on the planet's limb, and finally broke free and emerged, while its shadow gradually moved to the edge of Jupiter.

I wanted to see the Great Red Spot, but missed it.  It was to start coming around about 10:30 pm as Jupiter rotated, but by then Jupiter started getting into the trees south of my house in the back yard, so I could no longer see it.


George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia
Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA) 


Kent Blackwell

 Nice report, George. I wish I had seen it.