Jupiter moon transits tonight

George Reynolds

According to Stellarium there will be two moon transits and one shadow transit on Jupiter tonight, and the Great Red Spot will be visible as well.

Callisto will start transiting across the face of Jupiter about 1920 and reappear about midnight.  It will be moving from left to right (east to west in celestial coordinates; west to east if referring to the surface of Jupiter).

Io will begin its transit from the left a few minutes after Callisto, about 1930, and reappear on the right side of Jupiter (correct image) about 2145.  

There will be a shadow transit of Io from about 2040 to about 2250.

The GRS will start becoming visible on the left about 2230 and will transit across the face of Jupiter by 0130.

(I rounded off the times that were given in Stellarium.)


George Reynolds

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