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Jeff Goldstein

Please correct my error on Ted Forte.  He’s contributing editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine.


His presentation will be on “Bits of Bennu”.  It will describe the OSIRIS REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission and its upcoming sample collection event.  Launched in 2016, OSIRIS REx arrived at asteroid Bennu (101955) in December of 2018 and will return a sample of the asteroid to Earth in September 2023.


I predict this ZOOM meeting will be large.




Jeff Goldstein


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Thank you for your invitation on Tuesday, September 8th.  I’ll put that on my calendar of events for Tuesday.

May I extend to you and your RAS folks an invitation to our BBAA meeting two days later?


We meet the 1st Thursday of each month (currently on ZOOM until we can get back face-to-face) using this link and no Passcode:



Ted Forte will be our Guest Speaker streaming from Arizona.  As you may know he is a regular contributor to Astronomy Magazine, and it should be a great presentation.  Please share this link with your club in Richmond.




Jeff Goldstein


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Good morning.

I am a member of the Richmond Astronomical Society.

RAS have Monthly meetings online.

“Greetings from the Richmond Astronomical Society!


Our next monthly meeting will be held online at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, September 8 via Zoom at this link. We will open the call at 7:00 PM and start the formal meeting at 7:30. We'll also hold the call open after the formal meeting in case folks want to chat.  We will have a few announcements, our customary observing discussion, and an electronic share table.  Jim Blowers, long-time board member, former President and current Treasurer of the RAS, will be presenting on the subject of comets, which is very timely given the recent visit to our part of the solar system by Comet NEOWISE.


Please join us for our Tuesday evening meeting if you can - login anytime after 7:00 PM.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail membership@... and one of our team will get back to you.


As far as our outreach and skywatch events go, all of our scheduled in-person events remain on hold for the time being, but we are hopeful that some type of in-person events can soon be held, even if we must be socially distant during the events.  Thus far during the pandemic, we have held two events - one online event and a socially distant meteor watching event, both hosted by Terry Barker.”


Michael Lewis

Assistant Regional Division Chief of Region One Sciences, SFI.org