AUG 4th BBAA Meeting - Exoplanet Topic

Richard W Roberts

I hope everyone tunes in to the BBAA meeting this week as we have a really good speaker. 

The presentation title is "The Indispensable Role of Amateur Astronomers in Exoplanet Discoveries" by Dennis Conti. 

Dennis is the AAVSO's Exoplanet Section Leader and does extensive coordination with NASA on the TESS and JWST missions regarding amateur involvement in the missions. He also works with JPL's Exoplanet watch. 
Attached are the talk's abstract and Dennis' bio. 

I've heard him give several presentations over the past couple years and they're fascinating. There is a lot of room for amateurs to contribute in this space and Dennis shows the way. 

Clear Skies, 
Rich (RRIA) 


Shawn Loescher

This looks like a really interesting topic. I'm looking forward to hearing about it at the meeting.