Apply to become an Eclipse Ambassador!

Dale Carey

I know most of you have seen this from Night Sky Network but most of us can get the Eclipse Ambassador.  Look at # 3.
Others may want to look at the others, no long term stuff.

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Dear Astronomy Club members, 

NASA and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) are inviting amateur astronomers to become official Eclipse Ambassadors to prepare communities off the central paths for the upcoming solar eclipses crossing North America in October 2023 (annular) and April 2024 (total). As an Eclipse Ambassador, you will partner with a local undergraduate student to receive training, resources, and support to deliver effective community eclipse engagement prior to the eclipses, focusing on local audiences outside the central paths who will experience a partial eclipse.

We particularly want to focus on audiences who are under-represented in science and who have not already connected with a NASA program. 

The project’s goal is to reach 500 communities across the country. We ask astronomy enthusiasts to join us to make connections, learn new skills, and share your enthusiasm about eclipses and science with the public! With any luck, your club will see an infusion of members from a new generation. You will receive a generous box of activities, handouts, and solar viewing glasses  as well as an official badge designating you a NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador. 

The goals and expectations of the Eclipse Ambassador Program are:

1. Amateur Astronomers partner with a local undergraduate student

2. Partners train together via a virtual workshop (3 weeks, roughly 4 hours of work/week)

3. Eclipse Ambassadors host one or more community event:

This is a rolling application process: partners are assigned as candidates apply, so don’t delay! The team will match qualified candidates with local undergraduate students to become NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassadors. 

Find more information and apply today at:


Thank you, and may you have clear skies!

Vivian White and Dave Prosper
NSN Admins

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