Star party for James River State Park will be November 10-11, 2023

Jonathan Scheetz

I received the email below regarding the James Rivers State Park star party.  Several of our club members attended this in 2021 and had a great time - very good skies.
Much more "rustic" (i.e. no cafe or showers near the field) but it is only a weekend event, it's free, and we didn't mind cooking for ourselves last time.
I responded that it would be likely that several members from our club would attend.  I know that I will - it is a beautiful park with good dark skies.
Here is a you-tube video I made of the 2021 event - it was pretty cold but fun. 
Could this event please be added to the club calendar?

Thank you.
Jonathan Scheetz

From: Liebschner, Martin [mailto:martin.liebschner@...]
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Subject: Star Party at James River State Park



The Star party for James River State Park will be November 10-11, 2023.

Would your club be interested in attending?  I wanted to give you an early heads up.  I know some of the members will be here in 2021.  


Thanks for your time



Martin E. Liebschner, Jr.

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James River State Park

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Kent Blackwell

That sounds fun. My goodness it will be C-O-L-D!