Event Report for Carrollton Moon Night

Brian LaFitte

About 15 or so guests attended this event. There was a nice display of astronomy related books as well as a few hands-on crafts available. Dr. Gibson, the Nasa solar system ambassador gave a really well thought out presentation on the moon, with plenty of interaction to keep the attention of the children. After the presentation, Ms. Erb gave a nice summary of our club and the importance of community outreach.

We had several scopes set up for viewing, one of the kids had also brought her own small telescope. 

I was able to show the moon (97% waxing gibbous) to every person in attentance through using a 20mm eyepiece. I had also brought the moon handout from our ODU IOMN event in case there were any questions about certain moon locations. There were several requests to see Jupiter, Saturn, Venus (which by this point had dipped too low for viewing) and Polaris.

Towards the end of the event I was asked "what's the farthest thing you can see with this telescope?" I didn't really have a great answer but I did remember that M45 was easy to find and already in the direction I was aiming. After showing the object, I explained that it took over 400 years for that light to reach my eyepiece... this was a "wow" moment for them, and that made my night.

George Reynolds

Can someone who attended the Moon Night event last week at Carrollton Library please post an event report?


George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia
Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA)