Dale Carey

I just got a reality check ( I need these every once in a while ) - I was doing some lunar observing with my bino's, set on 75X.
Had my chair adjusted to the right height and the 45* bino's made the show perfect. Made my notes and just couldn't take eyes
off the terminator line. Mountains were showing just the tops, shadows across craters, and a Sat. fly thru the FOV. I watched
and followed it as it set behind the trees. I was feeling great, flipped the bino's around and looked at Saturn for about 15 min's.
Don't you like the way the rings are tilted now? What a night, moved over to M10 and M12, two clusters at 6.4 mags, easy, Wait
a minute, I know I'm in the right spot, where are they? Try again, wait, I see something, I think. Oh, I forgot I live in the middle of VB.
!@#$%^&*, please someone buy my house so I can move to Courtland.