Re: Seeing/Saturn

Kent Blackwell

Well, Joe, by the time I lifted my fingers off the keyboard telling everyone
how great Saturn was it had clouded over. I could see Jupiter through the
clouds but the seeing was only so-so. Looks like a had a small window of
good seeing.


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The view up here in Williamsburg was terrible, high clouds all
evening. Kept going outside from about 9 til midnight but saw no
reason to drag out the scope.And it's a pity since I just got all the
parts for my new scope which hasn't even seen first light yet.Its
amazing how a few miles can make a big difference.Hoping for a better
night tonight but forecast is bad til friday/saturday.
Joe Piotrowski
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I don't know how many observed on Wednesday evening but the seeing
was just stunning. I rolled the 25" out to do some tweeks. After
tweeking the alignments of the mirrors a bit I pointed the
towards Saturn. Wow, it was the best I've ever seen it. Seriously,
could easily see Cassini and Crepe Divisions. Encke was a challenge
but visilbe.I could also see the shading in Ring-B. For a split
second I saw spokes in Ring-B. This is only the second time I've
seen these spokes.

I've always been an advocate of planet observing in the city. The
pollution certainly helps steady the atmosphere. All you have to do
on this evening is step outside. You can "feel" the stagnant air,
smell the coal buring fireplaces. A great time to look at Jupe &

Kent Blackwell

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