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Kent Blackwell

A telescope rigged up through the skylight above someone's hot tub? Wow, now
that's someone who just can't get enough stargazing. I wonder what kind of
heaters one would need for that telescope's optics? Any you guys & girls
thought the mere outdoor air in Tidewater was humid.

Let's see, Refractor, Newtonian reflector, Catoptrics, Maksutov, Dobsonian,
and finally the JacuzziScope. Man, that last one would be one hot scope.


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Thanks, Ted for taking such great pictures! What a neat thing for all
of us to be able to access those pics! I'm begining to like this
Yahoo thing! I hope everyone had a good of a time at North Landing
Elementary...I know I did!
One parent at Discovery Night said that he had a telescope rigged up
through the sky light above his HOT TUB! (I wonder if out budget
would allow that Gerry!?)
One lady said that she could just look at the sky all night long, so
I urged her to join BBAA and one guy thanked me for letting him see
Saturn for the first time in his life. Kinda neat!

Rick Bish

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