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Ted Forte

Me too.




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I miss stargazing.

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Well I got in a couple of hours of observing tonight. Not as cloudy as last night but still some passing high clouds. It was tolerable at 82 degrees in humid conditions but there was a breeze so that made things passable. No bugs tonight due to the breeze and my fan. The fan is the best bug deterrent.


As I was setting up something in the bushes caught my eye. I saw a large critter with a long pale tail sneaking into the bushes, tail going for some time. Mr Possum was harming no one so I saw no need to chase it or get closer.


Seeing was about a 8 to 9. Passing clouds did have a slight effect but transparency was acceptable. Alignment stars now easy using Vega and Spica.


I started with the double double. No problem even at 100X. I did go to 243 to put a bit of distance between Pairs.


Struve 2362 4.0" 7.5 to 8.7. Nice easy pair


Struve 2393 17.6" 7.8 to 10.4 Very red primary. No problem seeing 10.4 even at lower powers


Struve 2390 Nice pair 7.4 to 8.6 Easy


Upsilon Lyr. Very tough double. 18 arc seconds,  5.3 to 12.7 magnitude at 200X. The 12.7 mag component is right at the limit for the 5 inch in city skies. Went to 295X using the Takahashi TOA 3.3mm. Almost easier in the 4 Delight at a bit lower power of 200X. The 3.3mm puts a bit of distance between the two stars but it is also a bit dimmer to see the 12.7 companion. The 12.7 magnitude star still shows at 295X just fine though. It does require patience to see. May not be detectable at 100X.


Struve 2461 17 Lyr. nice triple at a very white primary of 3.3mag to a 5.3mag to a 9.1mag.


Stopped briefly at M5, 57, and the Blinking planetary. The blinking looked good at 100X and 295X. Going up in power as Roy said makes blinking it harder.


Clouds moved in around 2245 so I packed up and was home by 2300. Easy night. The cat was my only company but even it left after an hour. Obviously too much excitement.

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