Re: Crap, It happened again...

Ian Stewart

Hey Chuck congrats. I know you'll do great.

On 5/18/2022 12:14 AM, charles jagow wrote:



I know I swore to NOT get too involved so I could concentrate on building our observatory and getting some cool deep sky images.  But damned if it didn’t happen anyway.


They made me a board member of their Dark Skies Inc. group here about two months ago and then late yesterday at the board meeting, they nominated me and voted me in as President.  The previous President had to resign as his supposedly full remission cancer came back with a vengeance and he is going into Hospice care tomorrow.  Bad things, he is a swell guy.  Kind of a cross between you, Roy, Ted, Charles A. and a rabid lawyer, he was also the county’s lawyer.  And he was rumored to be older than the moon and ate hot dogs and was very thin..


And then today, I get a call from the Governor of Colorado, he wants to sign a bill that was just passed establishing a Dark Skies Tourism office at our Smokey Jack Observatory here in Westcliffe MONDAY afternoon.  He figured what better way to sign it than at the first Dark Sky Certified entity in Colorado with a big observatory.  He just needed a list of VIPs and folks who made the Dark Skies Possible,  what a pain, been calling and visiting folks all day…


Sure wish I was down in Coinjock at an ECSP about now…


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