Re: Lunar Eclipse


i agree. nice

On Monday, May 16, 2022, 01:31:24 PM EDT, Kent Blackwell <kent@...> wrote:

Although not my best eclipse exposure I like this one best because it shows the double star HR 5756 just before being occulted. The primary is 6.3 magnitude, and the secondary is 8.9. 
Of course, with the moon I didn't need any guidance on the mount. However, being a 4-second exposure at 800mm polar alignment was necessary. The problem being it was mostly cloudy to the north, so I just "guessed" at polar alignment.

Dr. Rober Hitt, director of the Chesapeake Planetarium thanks you all for attending. It was a thrill to watch such an event with so many whom have never seen a total lunar eclipse. 

TMB 100 f/8
Vixen SP-D2 mount with a very old in the tooth (but dependable and easy to use) SkySensor 2000 controller.
Canon 60Da DSLR
4-seconds exposure
ISO 400
12:05 am May 16

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