Re: Fan Mountain visit

Rob <>


Please keep me apprised of your and the club's efforts on this
project, and any others involving Dr. Salgado, NSU, GRBs and etc. I
would like to be as involved as my time allows in this area of
endeavor. So, let me know of future meetings, trips, discussins,
etc. if you can. Thanks!

Rob Beardsworth

--- In, twforte@a... wrote:
I accompanied Dr Salgado and Dr Miller from Norfolk State to the
of Virginia yesterday. We spoke to several members of the
department about a possible collaboration with them in building a
robotic observatory on Fan Mountain.

We later toured the observatory and discussed possible sites for
the NSU
telescope. Dr Salgado asked me to attend because BBAA will be an
partner in the observatory project.

You can read all about it in next month's newsletter or you can go
to the
files section of the backbayastro site and download (or read) the
report. I've also uploaded some pictures from Fan Mountain.
(Click on
photos and then open the Fan Mountain album.) I'll try to do a
page soon on
our HR.Com website too.

The short version is that we got a very positive response from UVA
and the
project looks like it could go forward with a funding request in
January ...
then who knows. I hope to arrange an observing session at Fan
sometime this year, along with Dr Sagaldo and a few interested BBAA
to help evaluate the site ...


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