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Stu Beaber

Yeah Ian said, weather don't look too good. But barring a hurricane, after 2 years absence, I'll be there.


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Hello Stu


I plan on attending SRSP, looking for how many others from BBAA we should be looking for.


Bob Beuerlein


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In getting ready for SRSP next week it dawned on me that my main computer that I intended to use at the SP was getting slower & slower over the last couple months. Last week it got so bad that if I told it to do 2 things in fairly rapid succession, it would crash, restart and that means big headaches for an imager. Figuring it was the RAM going bad, I found a stick on Amazon. For only $3 more I got same day delivery. Put it in today and computer! The only thing better than this might be clear weather all next week!


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