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Titan is an interesting place aside from being the easiest moon to see.  There was a published work concerning the long term fate of the planet Earth. Long, Long. Even before the sun does it's end stage thing we will be long gone.

Interesting speculation though that after the solar system is fairly lifeless, if not totally, solar systems have an evolutionary path as does . There is a speculative (very) chance the entire cycle of evolution might take place again after the inner planets are long gone. Titan has a toxic reactive chemical atmosphere and would find itself in the possible continuous habitable zone {CHZ} of an old, enlarged, and evolved sun. Such a reactive atmosphere was in place during the very early Earth. There are likely no other candidates for this to happen again in an evolved solar system. Of course this is educated speculation and a lot can go other directions not envisaged. But an intriguing idea.

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Very nice. Your observation of Saturn moons got me searching on the Google machine and I came across this NASA website regarding Titan:

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